People's Republic of China Military Aircraft and Missile Designations

Here I have attempted to compile a list of all types of aircraft used, purchased, planned, or proposed by the Chinese military.

I have also included the designations for missiles.

I will try to keep this list as accurate and current as possible. However, the list as it now is by no means complete, and I welcome you to mail any contributions, corrections, or suggestions to me.


H - Hongzhaji - Bomber Aircraft
Q - Qiangjiji - Attack Aircraft
J - Jianjiji - Fighter Aircraft
SH - Shuishang Hongzhaji - Maritime Bomber Aircraft
J - Jiaolianji - Training Aircraft
Y - Yunshuji - Cargo Aircraft
N - Nongye Feiji - Agricultural Aircraft
Z - Zhishengji - Helicopters


CAA - Air to Air Missiles CSS - Surface to Surface Missiles CSA - Surface to Air Missiles
CAS - Air to Surface Missiles CSSC - Surface to Surface (Coastal) Missiles CSA-N - Naval Surface to Air Missiles
CAT - Anti-Tank Missiles CSS-N - Naval Surface to Surface Missiles