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Military Aircraft Designations

Electronic Warfare Aircraft Articles

  • E-1 (WF) Tracer
  • E-2 (W2F) Hawkeye
  • E-3 (EC-137) Sentry
  • E-4
  • E-5 Eagle
  • E-6 Mercury
  • E-7
  • E-8 (EC-18) Joint STARS
  • E-9

Observation Aircraft Articles

  • O-1 (L-19, OE) Bird Dog
  • O-2 Skymaster
  • O-3
  • O-5

Drone Aircraft Articles

  • RQ-1 Predator
  • RQ-2 Pioneer
  • RQ-3 DarkStar
  • RQ-4 Global Hawk
  • RQ-5 Hunter
  • RQ-6 Outrider
  • RQ-7 Shadow
  • RQ-8 Fire Scout
  • MQ-9 Predator B
  • CQ-10 SnowGoose

Aerospace Links

S-3B Viking and ES-3A Shadow - U.S. Navy Photo

Welcome to my aerospace page. There are many other excellent sites that deal with history and individual types of aircraft, so here I thought I would deal with certain unique topics in depth. Right now, this site primarily consists of military aircraft designations. However, in the future, I would like to add pages about electronic warfare aircraft, observation aircraft, and drone aircraft similar to Joe Baugher's detailed articles.

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