Soviet/Russian/Ukrainian Aircraft and Missile Designations

Here I have attempted to compile a list of all types of aircraft used, purchased, planned, or proposed by the Soviet, Russian, or Ukrainian aircraft design bureaus.

I have also included the designations for missiles.

I will try to keep this list as accurate and current as possible. However, the list as it now is by no means complete, and I welcome you to mail any contributions, corrections, or suggestions to me.


An - Antonov
MiG - Mikoyan-Gurevich
Be - Beriev
M - Myasishchev
Il - Ilyushin
Su - Sukhoi
Ka - Kamov
Tu - Tupelov
Mi - Mil
Yak - Yakovlev


AA - Air to Air Missiles SS - Surface to Surface Missiles SA - Surface to Air Missiles
ABM - Anti-Ballistic Missiles SSC - Coastal Surface to Surface Missiles SA-N - Naval Surface to Air Missiles
AS - Air to Surface Missiles SS-N - Naval Surface to Surface Missiles SUW-N - Naval Surface to Underwater Missiles
AT - Anti-Tank Missiles

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