AS - Air to Surface Missiles

DOD Des. NATO Des. Designation Name Manufacturer Other
AS-1 Kennel

AS-2 Kipper

AS-3 Kangaroo

AS-4A Kitchen

AS-4B Kitchen

AS-4C Kitchen

AS-5A Kelt

AS-5B Kelt

AS-6A Kingfish

AS-6B Kingfish

AS-7 Kerry


AS-9 Kyle

AS-10 Karen Kh-25

AS-11 Kilter

AS-12A Kegler Kh-27

AS-12B Kegler

AS-12C Kegler

AS-12D Kegler

AS-13 Kingbolt

AS-14A Kedge Kh-29

AS-14B Kedge Kh-29

AS-15A Kent

AS-15B Kent

AS-16 Kickback

AS-17A Krypton Kh-31

AS-17B Krypton Kh-31

AS-17C Krypton Kh-31

AS-17D Krypton Kh-31

AS-18 Kazoo

AS-X-19 Koala

AS-20 Kayak


AS-X-22 Krypton


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