SS - Surface to Surface Missiles

DOD Des. NATO Des. Designation Name Manufacturer Other
SS-1A Scunner

SS-1B Scud

SS-1C Scud

SS-1D Scud

SS-1E Scud

SS-2 Sibling

SS-3 Shyster

SS-4 Sandal

SS-5 Skean

SS-6 Sapwood

SS-7 Saddler

SS-8 Sasin

SS-9 Scarp

SS-X-10 Scrag

SS-11 Sego

SS-12 Scaleboard

SS-13 Savage

SS-X-14 Scapegoat (Scamp)

SS-X-15 Scrooge

SS-16 Sinner

SS-17 Spanker

SS-18 Satan

SS-19 Stilleto

SS-20 Saber

SS-21 Scarab

SS-22 Scaleboard

SS-23 Spider

SS-24 Scalpel

SS-25 Sickle

SS-X-26 Stone


SS-X-28 Saber


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