AA - Air to Air Missiles

DOD Des. NATO Des. Designation Name Manufacturer Other
AA-1 Alkali

AA-1A Alkali

AA-1B Alkali

AA-2 Atoll

AA-2A Atoll

AA-2B Atoll

AA-2C Atoll

AA-2D Atoll

AA-3 Anab

AA-4 Awl

AA-5A Ash-A

AA-5B Ash-B

AA-6A Acrid-A

AA-6B Acrid-B



AA-7A Apex-A

AA-7B Apex-B

AA-7C Apex-C

AA-7D Apex-D

AA-8A Aphid-A

AA-8B Aphid-B

AA-8C Aphid-C

AA-9A Amos-A R-33

AA-X-9B Amos-B R-33S

AA-10A Alamo-A R-27R

AA-10B Alamo-B R-27T

AA-10C Alamo-C R-27RE

AA-10D Alamo-D R-27TE

AA-10E Alamo-E R-27P

AA-10F Alamo-F R-27EP

AA-11 Archer

AA-12 Adder

AA-X-13 Arrow

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